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Lenovo T61p - Product recovery disc creation fails



I tried creating a set of product recovery disc, the process started decently to extract the information/files. Then the process abruptly stops and gives a msg saying "The process has encountered an internal error."


Pls Help.





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Re: Lenovo T61p - Product recovery disc creation fails

you would need to call Lenovo, and obtain a set of recovery disks (most likely free) if you are under warranty, or alternatively you would need to restore to factory setting using the Rescue and Recovery during the initial boot up, but that would wipe out all the data.


As the data in the files set aside for the recovery media has been corrupted, this happens a lot when you have used the laptop for a while.  


Jin Li

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Re: Lenovo T61p - Product recovery disc creation fails

As  lead_org  says, call Lenovo and explain the problem you have encountered, especially the error message, "The process has encountered an internal error." If they don't offer to send you free recovery media, politely explain to them that it's not your fault that you can't make the media on your own. If you're firm and persistent (call back later and try another agent) they will relent Smiley Wink
Cheers... Dorian Hausman
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