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Logitech Cordless Mouse settings seem to cancel out UltraNav TouchPad settings

2008-06-18, 1:17 AM
I got a Logitech MX™620 Cordless Laser Mouse, on sale for $30 in a Sam's Club this weekend.

Logitech makes nice mice, this one is cordless. A very small dongle plugs into a USB port on my T41, (Win XP, SP2).

I downloaded and installed Logitech's SetPoint 4.60 software, Logitech's driver for the mouse. They have two other things to download and install associated with this mouse, Logitech® Connection Utility and Logitech® Desktop Messenger.  I didn't know what the other two software does, so I didn't download either one.

The settings for the Mouse, controlled in the SetPoint dialog boxes seem to affect and interfer with the T41 TouchPad's settings. I don't see the exact cause and effect, hence this post. It seems when if I set up a comfortable setting for the mouse, for acceleration and pointer speed, then the touchpad settings are lowered (acceleration and speed are lowered), to the point of being uncomfortably slow.  Then if I modify settings via the ThinkPad UltraNav Wizard (ver 3.05), to speed up the speed or acceleration, the Logitech mouse's speed and acceleration are slowed down.  It seems to be a never ending game, set up one device, and the settings on the other device get changed.  Does anyone know why this is, or have a fix for it?

A further note, I've used generic USB mice, the $10 corded kind that plug into a USB port, and have never had this problem.  So the Logitech SetPoint driver/software is the different from using generic mice.  The driver does offer very nice scrolling and speed/accelaration features, and I want to keep it.

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Re: Logitech Cordless Mouse settings seem to cancel out UltraNav TouchPad settings

2008-08-10, 8:42 AM

I seem to be having a similar problem with my T61......i have been using a logitech wireless mouse at times...and also use the touchpad often. I worked with the mouse one day and the next morning i.e. today I have realized that my Touchpad Buttons are not working at all though the touchpad poiter seems to be OK.

Is there any way to correct this ? could it be a hardware problem?



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Re: Logitech Cordless Mouse settings seem to cancel out UltraNav TouchPad settings

2008-08-11, 5:28 AM

On boot up my T23 checks on whether there is a mouse attached and shuts off the keypad mouse when a mouse is attached. So when I unplug the mouse I need to reboot for the keyboard controls work. There is an option in the bios that affects this. I have left the bios set-up to use one or the other and not both on boot because it works better for me.

I hope this helps.

ThinkPad T23, 2647 HU8, Based on 2647-8RU: PIII-M 1.20GHz (512KB), 512MB RAM, 40.0GB HDD, 14.1 XGA(1024x768) TFT LCD, 8x8x24x/8x CDRW/DVD, Modem(MPCI), Ethernet(CDC), WinXP Home, Linksys Wireless B adapter.
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