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Lenovo Staff
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My T60's mousepad buttons below the TrackPad keep squeaking. Is there anything I can do to address this issue?


Based on the above scenario, it appears that there is some contact between the plastic located below the buttons of the T60 and the lower case.


Some users reported that the use of silicone spray helps to address this issue. However, this has to be done by spraying the silicone spray on a piece of cloth or fabric, before both contact areas are wiped.


Also, check that the silicone spray to be used for this is suitable for plastic.

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I just started using my new Lenovo T440p thinkpad however it really sucks...the cursor moves to another position while typing which is really pissing me off since last 3 hours.


Tried finding solution on the net and Lenovo community, no success...I am using windows 8...can you please advise the possible solution...This machine is just few hours old...