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My Lenovo model no. is 1200-CTO

I am a new member of this forum. I have a Lenovo 1200-CTO. I cant find any reference to this model no. Ideas?

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Re: My Lenovo model no. is 1200-CTO

Hello and welcome,


Both The Google and Lenovo Support's search by MT-M feature think that is a ThinkPad Edge E525.  Does that seem reasonable?


Here's the support page:


You should be able to confirm the model - and perhaps the specs - by using the parts lookup page.  Enter your serial number there - BUT DON'T POST IT HERE IN THE FORUM. FrustratedubNavSmiley FrustratedupportSmiley Tongueroduct%20SupportSmiley Tonguearts|Parts%20L...


BTW, the "CTO" part of the MT-M indicates it was a "configure to order" machine so some of the specs may vary within the "1200" model range.


[edit] Once you've confirmed your model, we'll move this thread to the proper forum.



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