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Paper Tape
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Need advise with upgrading T61P

Hi Community


I got a Lenovo T61p 6463-4YG


Just upgraded with 8GB RAM and Intel SSD 520series 240GB, and got a Intel Core 2 Extreme X9000 2.8Ghz/6MB cache, coming Next week.


The T61P only got the Intel on-board graphic card...Sadly


The PCI-E slot is questions is what dedicated graphic card will fit in that slot?

I want the biggest possible


Hope anyone can help me out


Best Regards

Kasper Winding

Punch Card
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Re: Need advise with upgrading T61P

Hi Kasper.


You would need to be a bit more specific about the upgrade intentions.


From my side - you already have a great CPU and paired with 8GB of RAM - you have the backbone of a very high performance laptop. In addition to that, the SSD will definitely improve the overall speed as well.


I believe your "upgrade" intention refers more to the video options. For one thing, please note that Intel-GPU-based motherboards run cooler, which is better.

If you are refering to the mini pci-e slots inside the laptop for an addon video card or 3d processor - I am not aware of anything like that (I'm not saying they don't exist, I just don't know any 3D processor implemented in a mini pci-e format). So, for a video upgrade you would need an external solution (there are a few, with pluses and minuses on each ... VDock, e-gpu, Advanced Mini Dock with PCI-E addon card ...).


Hopefully this clarifies a bit what your options are ...


Kind regards,


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Re: Need advise with upgrading T61P

There are no internal graphics cards that can be installed in this model. You can swap motherboards for one with nVidia graphics, but most of them are prone to failure and the ones that aren't are very difficult to source and generally cost about twice as much as the older boards. The intel graphic system is very reliable and efficient. As for your choice of cpu chip, the T61 isn't rated to run an x9000 cpu, it can be done, but you're going to have to manually monitor your temperature and make sure you don't overheat your system, also, if you don't have the latest revision of montherboards, you're going to get a thermal sensing error when you try to boot with this chip. If your system currently has a t8100, t8300, t9300 or t9500, it will run the x9000. If it has a T7xxx or prior cpu, then you may have a problem.



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