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New T61. Dead slow wireless

I've just rec'd a new T61 from my company to use in my home office. I'm having trouble with the wireless. I connect to the access point. I get a strong signal. But performance is sluggish to the point of being at dial-up speeds. It can take 30 seconds or more just to load up Google's search page. Five other laptops (three Thinkpads & two Macs) in the household work fine. I'm at a loss as to how to diagnose the problem with the T61, and would welcome any suggestions.

Has anyone else experienced similar problems?

Later tonight, I'm going over to visit a friend, to try connecting through her access point. That might give me some additional, useful information.
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Re: New T61. Dead slow wireless

I got the same issue. Just bought a new t61p and getting a VERY slow connection through wifi, like less than 10Kb/s to download firefox from mozilla website while my other computers are working fine (1Mb/s). Surfing with a network cable connection is working fine as well. 
I tried to do all the updates that I could, windows updates, lenovo system updates, downloaded and reinstalled the wifi link 4965agn drivers ( with no success. 
Did anybody find out how to resolve that issue?
Thanks in advance
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Re: New T61. Dead slow wireless

Try this....
Open the ThinkVantage Power Manager and click on the System Settings button.

Then pick the Advanced Settings 1 option on the drop down menu.

Observe what the settings are for the Wireless adapter settings Power saving mode:

If the setting is not Maximum Performance for the AC Settings column, that is very likely the cause of your problem.

Read the Power Manager help file for infromation on changing settings.

You should also check in the current profile in Access Connections.... click on the Wireless Settings tab, then click on the Settings button under the 4. Advanced configurations heading.

Make sure the Power save mode: entry there is also indicating Maximum Performance.


I don't work for Lenovo
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Re: New T61. Dead slow wireless

Hi Bill,
I made a new power plan with maximum performances and it works fine now Smiley Happy Thanks
I haven't been able to find out if it was possible to change the predefined plans. There is no edit button for them... Is that possible? Or even better... will there be a patch for that issue?
Thank you
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Re: New T61. Dead slow wireless

I have the same problem which is solved by setting it to maximum performance.
The problem is now that this setting is not saved after reboot. Any hints for solving this?
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Re: New T61. Dead slow wireless

If using Access Connections, you need to set it in every wireless profile.  This setting overwrites any setting put on the card.

Under Access Connections and on the Wireless Settings page, go into the Settings for Advanced Configuration. 
Set the Power Save Mode to Low (best network performance) or Maximum Performance if using XP or Vista
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Re: New T61. Dead slow wireless

Well, this one cost me $99 to solve, but here is something that caused my wireless to run at 200 kbps while my wired lan was pushing 6000 kpbs...
My router has n capability and the T61 on 'All" in the wireless set up was choosing the N configuration...
Switching to the b, g configuration solved the problem. This after 2 hours with tech guys in Hotlanta trying but unable to help.
So, download everything, update drivers and nothing interesting will happen if your wireless is running at 130Mbps instead of 54Mbps....that's the clue that it is trying to work the "n" capability of the router....'m not sure having an 'n'capable card is the answer either...but I know at the b...g configuration all works well.
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Re: New T61. Dead slow wireless

just thought I'd share, last night i had nice fast download speeds of 72kbps   thats 72 KiloBITS per seconds, thats not even 10 KiloBytes per second.   Fault of my ISP though, it sped up today.
T61 15.4" T9300 (2.5GHz 6MB L2) Windows 7 Professional x64 4GB Memory, NVidia Quadro NVS 140M
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Re: New T61. Dead slow wireless

I've got similar problem with 4965AGN working draft N.

Every other laptop works fine.


Transfer in local are beneath 1MB/s. On the beginning every thing was OK, transfers around 6-7MB/s with WEP2 security.

I just make update drivers! Since then I reinstall system(VISTA), all parameters on high or aggressive or max performance.


Oh! And I notice that LED on the panel indicate WiFi activity is freezing on seconds or two and starts again.



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Re: New T61. Dead slow wireless

So... new problem related to the router / network card.... I did set the power settings to maximum performance and now my download is fine.

BUT... when having voice chats on msn or skype, the voice get some distortion once in a while (something like every one or two minutes). Not very nice when having professional calls... I tried to connect a cable and then the chats were fine.


Anybody has a clue on how to fix this?? This is really bugging me