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Punch Card
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Not getting 3-year extension of warranty for my system!? Please help! :(

Hi everyone. I am new here. In fact, this is my first post! I have a problem with Lenovo with not getting my warranty updated. So far, poor customer service, broken promises, etc.

At any rate, on January 29, 2008, I purchased a three-year extension to my IN-warranty system for $299. The "Lenovo Offer number" referenced was LPL503, and the FRU is 41C9177. However, the additional warranty that I just purchased is still NOT showing up when I check via the Warranty Lookup tool. It is now almost one MONTH later!

I have called Tech Support several times about this, but I have always been advised to wait for the upgrade to generate online. How much longer am I supposed to wait? I have already called twice (once on 2/4/08, and one more time on 2/12/08), and each time, I was assured by the representative that waiting one more week would alleviate the issue. I called AGAIN, for a third time on 2/15, and the representative's computer system was supposedly offline!?? What is going on? I want a resolution as soon as possible.

Here is a little about my background and loyalty to IBM's and now Lenovo's Thinkpads, amongst other equipment:

I am the director of the IT development for Cutting Edge Technologies, Inc. in Los Angeles, California. My responsibilities include deploying new systems, operating systems, LAN's, and WAN's, as well as purchasing new servers, workstations, and laptops for our employees. We have chosen IBM and Lenovo (after the sale of the Thinkpad division), for all above mentioned equipment for NINE (9) years.

I don't understand as to why it is taking this long for what appears to me to be a fairly simple thing to get this resolved, albeit that we have extended the warranty for certain systems for various different reasons only a few times. For example, when an employee leaves and wants to keep their Thinkpad, we have done it as a courtesy, depending on the employee's record with us. Other than that, I don't have that much experience as to how it works exactly, as we usually migrate our employees once every three years to new systems anyway. So...What do I do now? I finally sent them an email through the support site, and received this, after sending it:

Your request number is:   XXXXXXXX-XXXXXXXX (<--- 16 numbers)  
An IBM representative will respond to your request within one business day
I sent this on 2/16, and it has been FOUR business days. No email. No call. No nothing.

Please help! Smiley Sad

Thanks to all! You are my last hope.
Bit Torrent
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Re: Not getting 3-year extension of warranty for my system!? Please help! :(

i think your problem is not only limited to United states.... its happening everywhere......
i think i can offer you an explanation on why you are getting so much delay.....
-Lenovo websites over the recent months have constant problems of posting wrong prices.... one of my friend saw the US websites were selling T61p for 200 USD... while other people were getting accessories for free..... so all the orders and accessories you order must be checked and processed manually to ensure that the orders are correct and Lenovo is not losing money..... so i guess you just have to wait a bit longer....
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Re: Not getting 3-year extension of warranty for my system!? Please help! :(

If you had said it had been a couple days, or a week, I might have suggested a bit of patience - that there may be more steps in the process than one would intuitively assume.
But, a month is certainly too long.   Can you send me a private message with your order number (assuming you bought the upgrade from Lenovo direct, this will be a number starting with "2Cxxxx") , your system model type and serial number, and I'll see what can be done to get this on track.
Apologies for the delay.   Thanks for sharing, and for being a loyal Thinkpad customer over the years. Smiley Happy
Best regards,

Message Edited by Mark_Lenovo on 02-20-2008 07:19 PM
Punch Card
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Re: Not getting 3-year extension of warranty for my system!? Please help! :(

Hi Mark,

Thank you for stepping in like this! Per your request, I've sent all the information to your PM inbox. There are three of them. Sorry, but the character limit is set to 2,000.

Anyway, thanks a bunch!! Smiley Happy

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