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OS's for Z61m

Anyone know if there would be any problems if I upgrade my Z61m to XP Pro 64bit. I want to take the ram out of my dying Toshiba laptop and put it in the Lenovo. I have 4Gbs of ram I want to add. and XP home wont recognize all of it unless it is 64bit. Thoughts, Ideas?



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Re: OS's for Z61m

A couple of issues here...

a) Z61m is not able to utilize all 4GB due to a chipset limitation, nothing to do with OS. The BIOS will "see" 4096MB but the machine can only utilize 3GB.

b) Unless you have a Core 2 Duo CPU (not all Z61m units do) in there, 64-bit OS of any kind is a no-go.

c) Lenovo never supported a 64-bit version of XP, so good luck finding drivers. That will be no fun, I can guarantee you...

That being said, Z61m is perfectly happy with standard XP, or even Windows 7 in a 32-bit guise.

Good luck.



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