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Paper Tape
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Older nVidia NVS104M driver needed

I can't get my hands on the original release of the WinXP NVS 140M driver, for the T61.  (Only the original release, from 5/18/2007, supports a certain video accessory card we have been using on the T60's)
I searched all of the video driver releases in: , and the only one listed in allfiles.txt that's still actually in the folder is 6.14.10, for the N100 on a Lenovo3000.  That one doesn't fly.
Does anyone know if there's another location for archived driver releases?   Or, anyone with a first-run T61 who has that Win XP video driver?
- Don
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Retired SuperMod
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Re: Older nVidia NVS104M driver needed

If you have a T61 with an original factory install, you also have the original driver even though the T61 may have been updated. It can be found in C:\SWTOOLS\DRIVERS\VIDEO



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Paper Tape
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Re: Older nVidia NVS104M driver needed

Thank you for responding, Andy.  Unfortunately, the T61's I have to work with were scrubbed out and built to a company standard XP image.  I do not have the original C:\SWTOOLS folder to work with, because it was never retained.
That brings me back to the original question - Has Lenovo archived this driver package anywhere, and can I get my hands on it.
Many thanks
 - Don
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Re: Older nVidia NVS104M driver needed

Hi there,

You can get the original release drivers here -->  nVidia NVS 140M v.  (XP/Win2000 only) - T61

Other older version is available as well -->   nVidia NVS 140M  v. (XP/Win2000 only) - T61

Hope that helps


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