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What's DOS?
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Operating system not found while booting in my laptop T42


what should i do when operating system not found in the IBM laptop (t42) while booting and doesnt go forward before that. I was using windows xp as my operating system before can anyone help me by providing a solution for that. as i dont have clue in regarding that.


Thanks in advance

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Re: Operating system not found while booting in my laptop T42


The moment the T42 starts, what happens when you press Access IBM button?



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Re: Operating system not found while booting in my laptop T42

You reboot the box and press F12 to enter the boot menu

A popup menu appears and should list your hard drive as one of the choices.... if it is missing than your disk or the connection to the disk is failing.


If the disk is present, than you have a software issue and you need your recovery discs, or an XP, Vista or server installer to give you some perspective on that drive to determine if files are still present.  I'd personally use the Hirren Boot CD since it is built specifically for repairs and bloated with various tools or the Ultimate BootCD or the BartPE (Barts can be harder to find ready to press since they're encumbered by a vigilant Microsoft licensing machine that practically requires every user to create their own and with ample instructions from various web sources but not the actual CD and it can be an alien process for many)


Use those repair booters to determine if you still have a file system and if you can see files then make it a top priority to evacuate critical files whose loss would profundly impact your life since with the little info you've provided combined with your less than basic skills,....your disk could be on its last breath and every moment is considered luck. the Hirren and Barts have enough driver support to mount USB sticks as lifeboats and get your critical data off that disk until you start rebooting it and vigorously troubleshooting it.


A failed hard drive can cost thousands of dollars to recover since they're typically shipped to clean rooms suitable for surgery and transplanted into new housings.

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