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Please Help!!! ThinkPad i 1200/1300 problem.

Please can anyone help? I own an i series ThinkPad, and after filling up the memory with my iTunes library I decided to transfer it onto a Freecom external harddrive. Awhile back I was told to buy a Newlink ALi Cardbus in order to beable to update my iPod as the existing usb port is only a usb 1.0. However both ports in the cardbus have always failed to work (despite reinstalling the software etc countless times) and when the iPod or harddrive are plugged in they freeze the system so I have made do with using the existing 1.0 port. The problem is that I now need to beable to use 2 ports at the same time, and preferably usb 2.0 as 1.0 is so very slow! I have spoken with Freecom and they tell me that the likelihood of finding a usb 2.0 cardbus that will work for me is very slim, however the one I have has no power supply so perhaps this could be the cause of the problem?


 Can anyone please tell me if they recognise this problem or could suggest a cardbus that may be compatible with my very old ThinkPad? Any solutions or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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