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Paper Tape
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Plugged in, not charging

My T61 always says "plugged in, not charging."

Some Google searching led me to a fix - in Device Manager, I mess with the Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Battery Control Method heading.  Sometimes, I can just disable then enable it, and the battery starts charging.  Other times I have to uninstall it and scan for hardware changes, or remove the physical battery somewhere in the mix, or restart the computer, or a combination of these maneuvers.

No problem, it's fixed, not a big deal.

The real problem is that it will charge up about 3-5%, then go back to not charging.  I have to do this about 20 times to get a full charge.  Insanely annoying.  Occasionally, I can plug it in and it charges up like it should, but more often than not I have to go through this hassle.


Other than this, the battery charges in a normal amount of time, and discharges in a normal amount of time.

Lenovo Power Manager says nothing is wrong with the battery.  I tried the battery maintenence thing, no change.

I've attempted to update drivers, re-install the power manager, no changes.

My battery wasn't part of the recall.

I have a T61, Win7 x64, T7300 2Ghz processor, 4GB RAM


Does anyone have a permenant fix for this, or a cause at least?



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Re: Plugged in, not charging

for a start, you could check the voltage at the ac adapter. you'll need a meter. 

Punch Card
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Re: Plugged in, not charging

There are quite a few message threads on the forums about this type of issue. I'd posted in one thread a while back that offered a few suggestions:


I pretty much agree with topmahof. If your T61's power cord is the original, then it might just be the cord itself that's given out, seeing that Lenovo's Power Manager says there's nothing wrong the the battery. There's a good chance that just you moving around the laptop is giving the cord a little jostle and making it work again, simply because the cord is weak.

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