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Power Cord Short > Laptop Worked While Battery Lasted > New Adapter No Power

The original adapter cord for my T61 laptop shorted and sparked right at the base of the laptop connector where the cord had apparently cracked through from too much bending.  Then the laptop worked fine on the battery until it ran out of juice.  There is no indication of power to the laptop on the replacement power adapter cord though.  I verified power at the laptop end of the replacement cord with a multi meter.


I think this pretty well isolates the problem to between where the cord plugs in and where the battery power joins the circuit, right?  Would that be in the power supply?  I've read that there is not a "power supply" per se in laptops but that it is integral with the fan kit.  So should I just be ordering a replacement "Thermal device and fan (Integrated)" to fix this problem?  I see in the part list that this is marked as "not to be replaced by the customer".  Is that just a warranty statement, irrelevant outside of warranty, or should I be looking for a good repair shop?


I have some experience with computer repair, but have not dealt with any repair shops in years, and have never dug into a laptop myself.  What I think I know to this point, as stated above, is based on a bit of web searching and general experience.  In reality, I'm very unsure of anything I've said regarding diagnosis or next steps.  Please advise.


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