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Prefered BIOS for a Penryn designed T61p with SSD-HD

Is a fact that post 2008 T61p laptops are Penryn CPU compatibles. Last BIOS available is the V: 2.30 from Lenovo.

The Middleton BIOS [V:2.29] will make SATA-II functional on the SSD but it is also known that such BIOS does not fully support Penryn CPU. What is the answer for preference? Is the difference relevant?


Rolando E Creagh, MD. FACS. USA. T61p, 64608WU, Dual Core Centrino 2.8 GHz, T9000, 8GB RAM. HDD 0: 1.0TB SSD w/ W-7 Ultimate SP1 64b (2nd clean install). HDD 1: 0.5TB 10K rpm w/ W-7 Ultimate SP1 64b (cloned). HDD 2:1TB 7.4K rpm AF w/W-7 SP1 64b (1rst clean install). HDD 3:250GB, VistaB-SP2 clean install, HDD 4:100GB, XP-SP3, factory install. HDD 5:1.5TB, 5K rpm, AF, DATA. 2504-10U Mini-Dock. Three more T61p.
T70, 20ERCTO1ww, 2.81 GHz Xenon, 64.5 GB RAM, 2 M2 SSD, 1 MX300 1T SSD. Windows 10, Windows 7 Ultimate.
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Re: Prefered BIOS for a Penryn designed T61p with SSD-HD

I personally prefer the Middleton BIOS, (I have installed it in all my *61 machines). While it will probably not give you an advantage on the stock BIOS in terms of CPU support, it will remove the annoying thermal sensor error. (And as you know unlock the SATA-II speeds which comes handy if you install a SSD).




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