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Problem with z61m screen

Hi all,


Hopefully others have had this same problem and can offer guidance.  I haven't had much luck finding answers online, and the Lenovo technical support folks haven't been of much help (for the reason below). 


The bottom half or so of the LCD on my z61m no longer works - which is to say, a hazy grayish area appears over that area (across the entire screen, extending about four inches up from the base of the screen) that totally obscures the desktop.  If you move the screen itself back and forth rapidly, or tap the side of the screen near the base (where the screen meets the base), sometimes it will work for a few seconds, but quickly fades again to the gray.  The fact that the laptop otherwise works very well, and that these solutions work for a few seconds at a time, make me think it's some problem with the connection between the video wires and the LCD.


Unfortunately, Lenovo technical support informed me that if I send the laptop in for repair, the repair could range from something insignificant all the way up to $475 (for replacement of the LCD).  Since the laptop is two years old and is basically used as a secondary computer, I don't want to spend that much fixing it, but we were told that once a credit card number is provided and the laptop is sent along in the postage-paid box, Lenovo cannot notify me of the cost of the repair before I decide to go ahead with it. 


So, I was hoping someone here either (a) had this same problem and knows it to be a cheap/relatively cheap fix, in which case I'd be more comfortable sending in the laptop, or (b) knows of a way to have Lenovo notify you of the cost of a repair before they proceed.



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Re: Problem with z61m screen

Welcome to the forum!


This has been a fairly common problem with Z series units, and the cure is LCD replacement.


Brand new LCDs change hands for under $200 on eBay. If you are handy and careful enough, replacing the LCD isn't that much of a problem.


Hope this helps and good luck. 



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