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Problems connecting on Wireless 802.11n with my T61 with Intel Wireless AGN

2008-11-23, 5:35 AM

Hi, I live in Thailand and have a similar problem as others with my Intel Wireless AGN connection as others.  I have a D-Link Model DSL-2740B Rangebooster N ADSL2/2+ Modem Router. It is supposed to support 802.11n draft wireless connections of up to a maximum of 270 MBPS versus 54 MBPS for 802-11G wireless. Of course, I don't expect it to reach the maximum transfer speed, particularly here in Thaiand, however I would expect it to produce results better than the 54 MBPS rate for 802-11G. I first tried it on my ThinkPad T61 which incorporates Intel® Wireless WiFi Link 4965AGN. When connected, it shows a speed of 54MBPS (802-11G) instead of higher wireless 802-11n speeds. I've upgraded my router to the latest firmware and have tried different configurations with no improvement in performance. One think I have noted is that when I make an on-line configuration change to my router configuration then select "apply", immediately my ThinkPad rate changes to 150 MBPS momentarily then my connection is lost (to be expected as the router changes are being implemented), followed by reconnection of wireless signal only to return at 54 MBPS again. I also have an older ThinkPad model without built-in wireless capability so I purchased a Belkin wireless 802.11n USB adapter to connect to my router. Again, the maximum connection is at 54 MBPS. When I repeat configuration changes to my router as I did above, my ThinkPad connection momentarily changes to only 1 MBPS instead of 150 MBPS as in my other T61 ThinkPad then reverts back to 54 MBPS once the configuration changes have been completed. Has anyone successfully used wireless 802.11n successfully at the higher transfer rates (above 54 MBPS)? Is it possible that my TOT Goldcyber connection speed is artificially limited? I notice that my rated speed for my desktop computer connected to my same D-Link DSL-2740B only indicates a rated speed of 100 MBPS. I use Vista Home Premium 64-bit on my destop, Vista Home Premium 32-bit on my ThinkPad T61, but us Windows XP Professional on my older ThinkPad. I feel that my problem is either with my ADSL carrier (TOT) or compatibility with my D-Link DSL-2740B Modem Router and my ThinkPad T61 internal wireless card and/or Belkin wireless n USB adapter. IT-City is letting me swap out the Belkin USB for the D-Link Rangebooster n DWA-140 USB adapter next week when they restock. The only other think that I can think of is that wireless n just doesn't work in Thailand and that maybe I should just stick with wireless G and go with a higher powered wireless USB model such as the business rated EmGenius EUB 362 EXT. Has anyone used this model and had good success with it; I've heard that it is a long range model and has the capability of reaching 108 MBPS through some sort of magic? Looking forward to reading your replies and possible solution.







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Re: Problems connecting on Wireless 802.11n with my T61 with Intel Wireless AGN

2009-08-20, 7:15 AM

I just configured same model of modem router DSL-2740B, although I am using different laptop Acer TM4720, my experienced is same exactly like yours.


I think the problem is this router DSL-2740B, it promises connection upto 270mbps but actually it doesnt in all type of adapter. Because I also configured Linksys WAG160N modem router, I was able to connect at 130mbps and this transmission rate does not drop, and I tried using same brand Linksys USB Wireless N Adapater I was able to connect at 270mpbs, but on top of that, the worst thing is that this Linksys WAG160N keep disconnecting from internet connection randomly every minutes, hours, day. So I returned to vendor and got this DSL-2740B as replacement.


For this DSL-2740B, I think we can achieve better speed if we use also a same brand DLink Wireless N Adapter. But there is no assurance.



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Re: Problems connecting on Wireless 802.11n with my T61 with Intel Wireless AGN

2009-08-21, 0:09 AM


Intel Wi-Fi cards support full 802.11n speed of 300 Mb/s working at 5 GHz range only. Your D-Link DSL-2740B works only in 2.4 GHz range. So to get 300 Mb/s you have to get another wi-fi router that supports 802.11n in both 2.4 and 5 GHz, for instance Lynksys WRT610N or Apple Airport Extreme or whatever.

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