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Problems with BIOS setup in Supervisor Mode


I can't seem to change any of my BIOS settings - even though at one point I had set a bootup password.

If I press the Access IBM mode and F1 consecutively, I can enter the BIOS Setup. Yet it seems that I can't change anything - not even date or time. All menus say "If any items require changes, please consult your system Supervisor." on the right, but who would that be?

In all (sub)menus, up/down buttons have no effect, all else beep, only Esc works. Just in long menus, such as Config/Power, do up/down have some effect: They scroll, but won't select anything. In the Restart menu, I can only confirm "Exit Discarding Changes" but choose none of the other options.




To unlock the BIOS, power off your laptop or system, then switch it on again.


Press F1 when you see the message about pressing the Access IBM button, and enter the Supervisor password, followed by the Power On password, if they are different.


Tip: If your bootup password is more than seven characters long, type only the first seven to acces Supervisor mode. 

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Mark11 On 2015-07-11, 15:18 PM
Where do i get a password from?

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