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Fanfold Paper
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RESOLVED: “This driver is blocked…” issue on Windows Vista

Hi.  I have a ThinkPad T60, originally an XP machine that came pre-installed with Roxio RecordNow.  Recently, I upgraded it to Windows Vista. Unfortunately, I did not find the information about needing to uninstall this product *before* upgrading my system to Vista until it was too late – and I know from my search for a solution, I am not the only one Smiley Indifferent

In my/our defense, the Microsoft Vista Upgrade Advisor found the potential problem before I did the upgrade but the message simply said something like “Caution.  You may have to obtain a Vista-compatible update for…” from Roxio.  This was true for drivers and sw from Lenovo too.  And, after upgrading I easily updated my ThinkPad drivers and applications by downloading the updated components from the Lenovo site.  

But even after *purchasing* an upgrade to a newer version of Roxio's software – which their support people claimed would a) be compatible with Vista (it is) and b) fix my problem (it did not) – I cannot get rid of this issue...  

Program Compatibility Assistant

This driver is blocked due to compatibility issues... 

Driver: Sonic Solutions DLA...
Publisher: Sonic Solutions
Location: Not Available

A driver is installed that causes stability problems with your system…

This error message comes up (and cannot be closed) every time I restart my PC.

Long story short, the Microsoft and Lenovo sites (rightfully) point the finger at Roxio, but they have been of no help to me...  After having me try numerous, time-consuming things that they thought "this may work" (for example, see and their ultimate answer is “reformat your hard disk and start over with a new/clean Vista install…”

I cannot accept this answer.  There is way too much sw on my machine, purchased and installed over the last 1.5 years and all of which gracefully (more or less) went through this upgrade with me, for me to “start all over”!!!

I have been unable to find a solution to this problem amongst all the chatter on the net although I have found clues and I feel I may be getting close.  And so now, finally, my question...

I now know the related software and offending driver is found in C:\SWTOOLS\APPS\MMCfTO which is where Lenovo originally installed with sw on my hard drive.  To solve my problem, can I simply delete this folder *and* find/remove the corresponding Registry keys???


Thanks in advance to anyone here who can help me.


            -dave (Lenovo T60/Type 2623-KEU/Widows Vista updated/current)



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Fanfold Paper
Posts: 4
Registered: ‎04-01-2008
Location: Boston Area
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Re: “This driver is blocked…” issue on Windows Vista

For posterity...   I was able to resolve this issue by using some tips and tricks not specifically related to my issue, but allowed me to get to a solution nonetheless.
1) The following article was NOT written for/about Vista, so you cannot run the "REG ADD" command it suggests.  However,  you can use REGEDIT to make the suggested addition to the Registry by hand.
2) This change allows you to run the Control Panel / Program Uninstall in Safe Mode and then you can Uninstall the Sonic Solutions DLA software.
Yay! Smiley Happy

Message Edited by srda310 on 04-04-2008 07:57 AM

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