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Re-flash T-42 BIOS ver 3.23 ( 1RETDRWW )

This may have answered previously, but after searching, I can't find a reference.

I am reloading a number of T-42's after rebuilding them, and, to be sure there is no corruption, or in case a potential malicious BIOS alteration, I wish to re-flash the BIOS. All are 3.23 (1RETDRWW).

I have a copy of the Windows .exe which runs, but gives the "No update needed at this time" message. As I recall, one solution was to go back one BIOS version (which would be 3.21 - 1RETDPWW), run that, and then go back up to the latest version.

I may have had this years ago, but after Lenovo re-did the download site, all those older versions are gone, and I can't find my copy.

Obviously, few of us have USB floppy around (actually I do), and if needed, can the floppy image creator be "re-purposed" to do this, and/or can this made into a bootable CD ?

I have seen somewhere that there actually command line / RUN "switches" for either the diskette .exe or the Windows .exe that can "force" a re-flash, without having to go back a BIOS version.

Are any of these the right approach, and if so, any suggestions for a download link?


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