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Registered: ‎11-18-2008
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Recovery discs for T42. Lenovo customer support


I am new to this forum. Would you kindly comment following situation.


I have real problem with my Rescue and Recovery - during the procedure of creating recovery discs -  R&R stops informing that there are problems with service partition.

 I have read on Lenovo web page about possibility of buying Product Recovery Discs for T42p 2737-ZLG Win XP Pro.


I called Lenovo Poland asking them kindly to connect me with responsible person with regard to Product Recovery discs. Instead of discussion with service person I was informed to contact third party service company. So I did.


The person from third party service department asked me the type of my ThinkPad and the model number (sounds great !) and then informed me that they CAN NOT sell me any Product Recovery Discs because they CAN NOT. They can reinstall my ThinkPad software in their service which is not my choice.


I am a little bit astonish that Lenovo informs their customers about possibility of purchasing Product Recovery CD's and some areas are excluded from that service.

Should I contact Lenovo Germany, Lenovo UK or maybe Lenovo Belarus to get my order shipped ?


I would appreciate some kind of reaction if somebody from Lenovo service managers would read the above.






T42p 2737ZLG, Win XP Pro


T42p 2737ZLG, Win XP Pro