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Serial Port
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Repair diagrams

On my T61, my DVD drive needs to be replaced.  Lenovo has sent the replacement drive but the packaging did not include any diagrams/instructions for removal/replacement.


I'm *certain* I've seen some diagrams (step-by-step ones) showing how to replace various laptop components -- but now that I need them, I cannot find them.


Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Former Employee
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Re: Repair diagrams

go to


drill down to Notebooks -->  ThinkPad -->  T61 -->  Videos


Click on FRU Removals/Replacements  -->  Optical Drive 


You can watch the video of how to replace the DVD drive.  

Serial Port
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Re: Repair diagrams

Lots of things to say:


Thank you Kr00zn for such a quick and appropriately detailed reply.

Thank you Kr00zn for the link to the videos site.  I've bookmarked it *and* committed it to memory since it's going to be very useful.


Thank you Lenovo/IBM for such a well-thought out modular design.


(Considering the quality of responses I get to questions on this site, I'm tempted -- but I won't -- to ask a simple question:  what else should I know about my T61/XP?)



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