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What's DOS?
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Rescue & Recovery Problem

I have a t61p. I also have the full Product Recovery Discs from Lenovo.  I wanted to give my laptop to a charity so I decided to use the RRD discs to restore the laptop to the factory settings.  I used them to completely wipe the HD and use the discs to restore.  It went fine until the end.  Now whenever it boots up it comes up with the RR menu.  I cannot get it to come up with WinXP that was originally installed.  I don't have any WinXP discs.  Is it included on the Product Recovery Discs from Lenovo?


I thought that restoring it to the original factory settings from the PRD discs would do so but I may be doing something wrong.





What's DOS?
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Re: Rescue & Recovery Problem

I found the answer via Google and here it is for anybody who has the same problem.


1. If you have the Product Recovery Discs from Lenovo then run the complete set of discs.  This will completely wipe your hard drive and copy back the original factory programs.


2. After you have done that restart your laptop and it will go right back to the Rescue and Recovery menu.

This time just tell it to restore to factory settings without using any cd inserted into the cd drive.


Apparently all the first run does is copy the programs to the HD.  When you run it the second time without the discs it actually does the drive, operating system, etc installation from the copied files.

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Re: Rescue & Recovery Problem


Sorry that you encountered a slight problem - and we are very glad and thankful that you came back to post your solution!


Thanks again!



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