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Fanfold Paper
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Rescue and recovery

Hello all,


I'm going to upgrade the HDDs in a Z60m and a T60. The plan was to install the OS from the restore disks and then update the drivers and replace files from manually made backups.


However I thought it would also be a good idea to create backups using Rescue and Recovery, which I've never used. As it might be easier than putting all the files back manually. So I thought I'd try it out. When I tried to copy the Base backup from the Z60m onto a USB drive I got a message asking if I wanted to make it bootable. My question is should I? Is that how it works.


Do I:


Make a bootable backup

Install the new hard drive.

Restore the factory image.

Then boot from the external 'base' backup.


Or once I've loaded the factory image would Rescue and Recovery be able find the backup on a non bootable USB drive?


To be honest I don't actually know what the base backup will restore anyway. Does it restore all the drivers, programe files and other files that were present when the back up was made, in theory? It would save a lot of time if it does!


I hope that makes sense


Thank you for your help.


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Re: Rescue and recovery

Hi furyan,


First, as to making a USB drive bootable.  That's how I do it - it just makes it simpler to do a restore.  WARNING: some versions of R&R will format the external drive before installing the bootable stuff - without first asking.  You will lose any data that you have on the drive.  Other versions are more polite, but if you don't see a "preserve" checkbox, be sure you don't have anything important already on the drive.


As far as your procedure questions:  If you have a bootable external drive with a backup image on it, you just install your new HD in the laptop, boot the external drive, and restore.  Done.  No need to first restore the factory image first.  Restoring a saved image can be a  one-step process.  You could run restore from within Windows, or from some other bootable media - CD, for instance - but it isn't necessary.


As to "base" and "factory" images - those are different things.  The factory image (recovery image, IIRC) will restore your machine to the exact state in which it was shipped.  No user, no additional software, nada.


A base image is R&R's term for a full backup of your machine in its present state (user(s), additional software, everything) at the time you make the backup.  It's called "base" because later backups are incremental additions to the base.  They contain only the differences between the base and the state of the machine when the incremental backup is made.


So - if you have only the base backup, it will restore everything on the machine as of the date it was made.  If you restore a later incremental backup, you get the base + the increment - everything as of the time the increment was taken.


[edit] It's common practice to make the factory recovery set on optical media (and hide it in a safe place...) and use something else - USB HDD, for instance - for running backups.


Does that make any sense?  If not, I'll take another whack at it.



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Fanfold Paper
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Re: Rescue and recovery

Hello Z,


Thank you very much for taking the time to post such a comprehensive reply. You have answered all my questions.


I had assumed that R&R would have wiped the data on my USB HDD if I'd had said yes to making it bootable, which is why I didn't.


I'll make the Recovery CDs and put them away somewhere safe and use a USB for running backups, as you suggested.


Thanks again for all your help.



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