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Restoring Thinkpad Recovery Partition from Scratch? (z61m) Help!

Hey Folks,


So I'm in a rut. I'm working on my boss' laptop and he has a Thinkpad z61m from several years ago. The thing is on its last gasp and he wants me to clean it up so he can send it to a relative to use.


I figure, restoring it to Factory State would be perfect. After I copied all of the data we needed to an external drive, I'm all set.


I attempt to use Rescue and Recovery in the Pre-Boot stage but it says that option had been removed. Very odd, so I scour these forums a bit... attempt to uninstall and re-install RnR in Windows, and the issue is the same. Then I recalled something...

About two years ago, the thing had some major issues and my boss sent it in to one of those repair places. They wiped the sucker clean, moved everything to an external, and sent it back. It worked fine and I didn't doubt their handiwork.


But now I noticed... the partition was gone. Just... gone. They must have wiped all of the parititions and created a new one which now sits the XP installation I'm on right now.


However... I have the original partition backed up on the external in a directory.


I figure the easiest thing to do was to use the new RnR feature of creating your own Rescue Media... but the Product Recovery Disc option isn't available anymore (and I have no idea where the discs are, lost in time for good it seems).


So... my question is how would I go about recreating the partition... is this even possible? Or else I'm sort of screwed! Ahh!


And if I do, can I restore it to a factory state or will my only options be previous backups?




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