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Fanfold Paper
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Restoring from R&R question.

Hello all


I'm replacing the hard drives in a Z60m and T60. The new hard drives have arrived and I'm itching to upgrade.


From previous help I have had from this site I decided to simply restore the current hard drive images to the new ones using Rescue and Recovery.


The questions I have are as follows.


Can I simply put the current hard drive in a external case and then boot from it as a USB HDD and run Rescue and Recovery to restore the image to the new hard drive?


If not, can I use either a bootable USB hard drive OR bootable flash drive containing a backup to restore the image to the new hard drive.


If it has to be a USB hard drive, once I've made it bootable will I still be able to drag and drop fiiles and folders, that I want to save, into to it as I am used to doing?


Oh and one more thing. The new hard drives do not have a tag for pulling them out of the hard drive bay. Anyone got any ideas what I could use to make a suitable tag to make removal easier if necessary at a later date?


I hope that makes sense. Sorry if these are stupid questions.


Thank you.



Fanfold Paper
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Re: Restoring from R&R question.



In case anyone else knows as little about these things as I do and happens upon this post.


I have now answered two of these questions for my self. Firstly, the transfer rate of a flash drive is too slow for a full system restore. Secondly, the tag on the hard drive is, in fact, part of the IBM caddy, which you have to remove from the old hard drive and screw onto you new hard drive before installing it. That part is not on the installation video!

Punch Card
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Re: Restoring from R&R question.

If I understand your situation correctly, you have a fully functioning hard drive and you want to have a larger or new hard drive.


Boot from your old hard drive, do not remove it from your computer.  Add the new hard drive via an external case with a USB connection.  Use a copy program.


The easiest way to do that is use a program such as Easus Partition Master.  I have v 3.5 and it works very well.  You can get it at  It used to be free for home users.  Do not know if that is still true, but it does work as advertised.


Create a partition on your new drive and copy the old to the new.  Done.  All your files are on the new drive.  No drag and drop necessary.


There are other copy programs out there, but this is the one I use.


I do not know about the tag to remove the drive from the computer.


Hope this helps you.



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Re: Restoring from R&R question.

It might be the best way to attach the new drive into the computer, connect the old drive via USB and then clone the contents of the old HDD to the new after booting from CDROM or USB-stick. Otherwise you only will get a blinking cursor instead of booting.


If you use Easeus, you'll have to create the emergency-CD.

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