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Retro-modding a Vintage Thinkpad


As a side project, I've decided to take one of the 1990's IBM thinkpads, throw out all insides and fit a brand new subnotebook/netbook in. A similar concept as with a classic car, except done to a Thinkpad. 
In terms of parts - basically, I'm looking for the most awesome-looking retro laptop - I've narrowed it down to either an IBM 755, IBM 365 or an IBM 760. The plan is to gut it (including the original LCD) and stick in the motherboard & LCD from the new lappy (with a generous helping of Dremel and hot glue). About the keyboard + trackpoint - I'll get a USB Thinkpad keyboard and use its insides & matrix (the only thing remaining from the old keyboard would be the keys & key switches).

First of all - which one of the laptops looks the best, in your opinion? Or have I skipped another awesome-looking Thinkpad that I can actually find? (i.e. 701 is rare)
Next - where can I get the exact dimensions? Both the physical case (h x w x t) and the screen size would be best.
I also need a way of working around the screen swap - the old Thinkpads are 4:3, and new notebooks are all 16:9 (which would leave a gap at the top and bottom of the bezel).

Any other input is really welcome, too.

PS: if anyone's willing to sell one in a good condition (hinges, keys, lid) - send me a PM.

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