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Ricoh 4x1 reader issues

System: T61p 6459-CTO, Windows 7 (64), 4 GB. Current on all updates from lenovo and microsoft.


Issue: Ricoh card reader does not detect any cards. Does not even flash green to indicate a card is inserted. However, ricoh drivers show up under IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers as well as PCMCIA adapters.


Attempts: Rollback drivers, nothing. Uninstall-reinstall, nothing. Different brand SD cards, nothing.


The funny thing is, this reader used to work. Not sure if it came back not working for a depot visit in december/january.


Help! (and thanks in advance)





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Re: Ricoh 4x1 reader issues



Two things you can try:


  1. Delete the drivers through the Device Manager (filename: DEVMGMT.MSC), restart the computer and let Windows redetect the new hardware and install new drivers through the Microsoft Update Service.
  2. If that above does not work, try installing the Ricoh Multi Card Reader driver for Windows Vista, which is available from Lenovo's support web site at

Please let us know the results.




Aryeh Goretsky


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Re: Ricoh 4x1 reader issues

I believe you'll find the driver install program doesn't work for windows seven, but if you go to device manager and update each of the drivers manually, directing it to where you extracted the vista drivers, it will sucessfully install them. Windows seven usually shows them as "base device".


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