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Right core temperature is...?

Hi everyone. I recently have format my t61 and face a clearly heating problem. Both core temperatures, 1 & 2, when i was doing the well known download-update-installations required in a fresh SO, reach 90 'c. Add to that the absolutely silence of the fans assure me that something was idle done. Thinking that it was due to an update not yet completeted issue, i end up with my updates and finally heard the sound of the fans. Though, it keeped reaching 90 C and it disturb me. Finally i hit with the TPfancontrol tool and im able to turn on the fans manually. But now that i have the control dont know where to stablish the  "normal temperature" so to the fans turn on when that temperature threshold is reached (i dont think that 90 will be normal right?)  So,  can you help me with that piece of information?, whats the ideal temperature of the cores? I've just read 2 opinions: 60-70, and 60-80. Thanks in advance


Add to that is it normal that the core temperatures change in 1 seconds from, lets say 80-75?.



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Re: Right core temperature is...?

The first thing I'd do is to remove the fan and clean out the dust then apply some Arctic Silver thermal paste to your CPU and GPU chips. When done, you should see the fans come on at 60-65c and you'll only see temps in the 70s when you have moderate to heavy cpu use. Temps in the 80s will be rare, only in extreme usage and it should never get to 90c degrees. The fast temp change indicates poor contact between cpu and heatsink, so I'd definitely not use it until you get it cleaned out. You'll probably find the therma paste has tried out and if your laptop was jarred or bumped hard it could dislodge the heatsink and you'll no longer have good contact.



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