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Re: SSD's Question

@rosebank wrote:
ok, I am the second owner of this machine, ive emailed the original owner and he states the machine did have a modded bios at 1 stage but he reverted back to the Lenovo bios when he sold the machine, I can confirm I have the Lenovo bios, would this explain things? if I remember correctly when I upgraded the ram the mobo is 08/08, x3100, don't recall the fru but its the later decent 1 , 14" standard screen.

I guess that it could explain it to a degree, although I think we're missing a part of the story.


The bottom line is, none of these machines - unless yours happen to be a testbed/engineering sample - ever left the factory with SATA II enabled. Anyone who works for Lenovo will tell you the same thing.


No clue on my end how the latest BIOS affects the modded one, though. Happy with what I have on my *61 machines, and am not planning on re-flashing it with the newest one from Lenovo.



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