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What's DOS?
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Screen Resolution Problem (Max. Resolution of only 1024x768)



I just upgraded my T61 laptop from Windows XP to Windows 7, Everything was fine at first. But one day when I turned on my laptop, I found out that the screen resolution was wrong. It was only 1024x768 (not wide screen). As a result, the screen was on the left, leaving a thick black bar on the right. The given resolutions which I could choose are only 800x600 and 1024x768, no wide screen options. Tried nvidia control panel, it was still the same. Tried to connect to an external monitor (16:9 wide screen), the resolution was, however, perfect (fit the external monitor).


I already have the newest display driver (nvidia Quadro NVS 140m - downloaded from Lenovo). I even reinstalled the driver and installed the monitor driver provided by Lenovo, but the problem still exists.


By the way, after I encountered this problem, when I turn on the laptop, there is no more screen showing the ThinkVantage and the Intel logo. There is also no screen for "Starting Windows". It will straight away enter windows logon screen. It means, I have no way to enter BIOS or the recovery tools by pressing the ThinkVantage button at startup. (I cannot see anything!)


Anyone can please help me?


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Re: Screen Resolution Problem (Max. Resolution of only 1024x768)

ahboy0207, welcome to the forum,


you need to install the monitot inf file from here. Scroll down the page for installation instructions.


As you have installed another OS on your system you will have changed the Master Boot Record, (MBR), which contains the information allowing the ThinkVantage button to work at boot. If you left the recovery partition intact, i.e. didn't format it, it may be possible to repair the MBR in order that you can access it. However, the recovery partition will have the original XP image on it and not your W7.


You can enter BIOS by pressing F1 at boot.


Hope this helps



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What's DOS?
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Re: Screen Resolution Problem (Max. Resolution of only 1024x768)

Thank you for the suggestion.

Thank you for the suggestion.



However, the inf file didn't solve the problem (It seems like there is no difference after installing it).

On the other hand, I remember that I did format the whole disc, so there should be no more recovery partition...

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