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Token Ring
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T-61 14.1" Widescreen NV-140-M WXGA+ LCDs with single horizontal lines

I have two T-61 14.1" Widescreens with NV-140-M GPUs.  Each have a Samsung WXGA+/WSXGA 1440x900 LCD screen and have developed a single pixel wide horizonatal white line about 3 cm from the bottom of the screen.  It is intermittent on each, almost always starting on boot, visible on the BIOS screen, continuing through the Windows stat-up screen and then into the usual Desktop.  Occasional by pressing on the screen, the line will disappear.  One now has either that line, or one 1/2 way up the screen.  Occasionally that line has a 3 cm segment that is blue, the rest white. Most often the lines disappear on their own.

My guess is that both these screens are defective, but the fact that the 3 cm line looks like it is in the same place makes me slightly suspect the GPUs.  Both boards are the later 44C3933 version, so theoretically have the later GPUs that are not subject to the well-described early-run GPU problems

Has anyone else experienced this?  Maybe a bad "run" of LCDs?

Fortunately I have several spare LCDs at a reasonable price, so this is not a catastrophe.

Any thoughts are appreciated.

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