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Blue Screen Again
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T30 Memory Bank Loss and Temperature


I recently had a cooling fan failure in my T30.  The machine probably ran and hour or two unattended before the failure was discovered and the computer shut down.  The fan was repaired, re-installed, and runs fine.  In the process, I installed TPFanControl and gained an awareness of temperatures in the system.  I'm currently trying the T30 fan either under BIOS or smart control.  The indicated Temps appear to have acceptable margin either way.


The Problem

I installed 2x 512MB RAM back in March.  The memory showed as 1GB and worked fine.

Shortly after the fan repair, I noticed my machine had apparently suffered the infamous loss of one memory bank.

I'm inclined to think that  the bank failure was temperature induced. 

Another piece of background information, most likely unrelated, is that I lost and replaced my original HDD a month before the fan failed.  Replacement and installation of the OS was smooth.  I had no occasion to look at the RAM at that time, so I can't say for certain it was still OK then.  I can't see how this is relevant, but didn't want to leave it out.


Bottom Line

I strongly suggest users install TPFanControl.  Monitor temps at the least, and better yet  control the fan with a sensible set of limits consistent with your type of operation.  It may save you a board failure.


Now I have to figure out what to do.  Anyone found a single 1GB stick that would work on one side?

Motherboard replacement is not financially attractive.  I'll live with 512MB if I have to.


p.s I installed RightMark too.  Works well for my type of use.  Nice little program.


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Re: T30 Memory Bank Loss and Temperature

Any PC2100/2700 laptop RAM stick of 1GB will work, no issues.

You can also do a search for a company called Hammerhead Technologies, they offer RAM slot repair.

Good luck.



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Blue Screen Again
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Re: T30 Memory Bank Loss and Temperature - Thanks

Cheers George,

It gives me at least one reasonable path.

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Re: T30 Memory Bank Loss and Temperature - Thanks

I't quite possible that the memory slot was damaged when the replace the fan.  IBM had 2 warranty-only fixes for this problem:


1. If after slot failure:  Replace two smaller ram sticks with a single ram stick of twice the capacity.


2.  If before slot failure:  Install insulator kit to prevent problem.


It sounds like you're stuck with the former if repair, as suggested above, is not feasible or cost-effective.

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Blue Screen Again
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Re: T30 Memory Bank Loss and Temperature - Thanks

It's certainly possible of course.  But, I'm both experienced and careful with microelectroic assemblies so I'd like to think it wasn't me.

 In any event, the place that George suggested will repair the slot for about the cost of the new RAM.  It's an interesting trade-off to consider.


Blue Screen Again
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Re: T30 Memory Bank Loss and Temperature - Single stick makes most sense.

I'm just going to replace the RAM with a single 1GB and sell the nearly new 2x 512MB ones for what I can get.

Can't justify the other way.


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Re: T30 Memory Bank Loss and Temperature

Thank you, George, for this solution.  I thought I was going to have to live with 512Mb ram!


Why doesn't Crucial know that you can get by with one stick?  Weird.

Paper Tape
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RAM upgrade

I got T30 2656 EM1 running with original memory (2X 128=256MB) but with OS windowsXP. It is running very slow .  I am trying to upgrade the RAM.

As I have read some of the forum questions that one slot is not working with 512MB. I just want to know whether I can do with one stick of 1GB. Also can someone suggest the specification of the RAM and where it can be purchased. I live in Australia

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