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T40 New Windows 7 Installation Questions

Hello All-


I just upgraded my T40 to Windows 7, and have some questions.


First, hard drive space.  With a fresh install of XP on this machine, installed from the hidden recovery partition, I would see approximately 15 gigabytes of the hd used before adding on any of my own programs or files.  I'm aware the hidden recovery partition would take up around 5 gb's of space, and the operating system will take some room too-- but is it correct that between the two around 15 gigabytes of storage would be eaten up before programs are even installed?  I ask now, because with the Windows 7 installation, I currently have around 8 gb's of storage still free.  I can delete the windows.old file from the installation, and that will free up around 10 gb's of data.. but that would still only give me access to around 18 gb's of free room on a 40 gb Harddrive.  Is this normal?


Second, utility programs.  WIth XP, everything worked perfectly.  With windows 7... mostly so.  Basically, I want the keyboard customiser utility to load on startup-- so far I've gotten the program to install and run fine, but its settings don't stick after a reboot-- I have to reopen and apply the customizations every time I reboot.  ALso, my Access IBM button does not open the Thinkvantage Toolbox, and the Fn-F3 key does not bring up power management profile options-- as a matter of fact, I am unable to access the power management profiles at all.  When clicking on the battery gauge set up in the taskbar, the management profiles are there, but greyed out and unselectable. 


Every other key and function seems to be working right, the wifi, screen brightness, volume keys etc.  


FWIW, I have installed and ran the windows 7 version of the Systen Update utility from Lenovo, and it only ever installed 2 or 3 programs.  I was hoping it would install everything that the XP version of the update did, but alas.


Anyone have ideas on how to get the functionality of Windows 7 back up on par with Windows XP?  I know this machine was never designed to run Windows 7, so I may end up washing out and putting XP back on... but would really prefer to keep the functionality 7 comes with.




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Re: T40 New Windows 7 Installation Questions

Welcome to the forum!

Try running Windows Update, it will pick up most of the stuff.

You'll need a Hotkey utility from here:

and Power Manager:

Good luck.



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