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Fanfold Paper
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T40 hard drive replacement

I have a ThinkPad T40 type 2374 thinkpad that I will be upgrading my hard drive. I have ordered a Samsung HM160HC 160 gb hard drive and want to replace my 40GB hard drive in my laptop. I have purchased Apicorn Drivewire with EZ Gig II version 2.1  cloning sof tware and would like to clone my hard drive. The Apricorn website indicates to enter the BIOS setup Security page and disable the Pre-Desktop Area and the security chip (if enabled). Save changes and exit then Install the new drive internally (inside the notebook) and install the original drive into the Apricorn external enclosure and boot to the EZ Gig CD application and using the "Disk Clone" option, clone the external (original) drive to the internal (new) drive (this is opposite the procedure described in the installation guide). Has anyone followed these directions and have successfully cloned the hard drive? Is there another easier way to clone the hard drive? Any recommendations would be most appreciated before I make any attempts at doing this. 

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Re: T40 hard drive replacement

Personally I would either use the old ver of Norton Ghost, or Acronis True Image. There are also free programs online that will do this too. FreeXMLDirveImage But I am not sure if the XML program support Disk to Disk Cloneing.


With Acronis you would;


1. Attached the new drive to an extenal enclouser

2. Connect the Enclouser to the Laptop

3. Boot with the Rescue media

4. Select to Clone the Internal HDD (All Volumes) to the External HDD

5. Wait for it to complete

6. Turn off the PC, and remove the HDD

7. Insert the new HDD into the thinkpad


This is pretty much the same procedure for all software like this but it could vary.



Fanfold Paper
Posts: 4
Registered: ‎02-10-2010
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Re: T40 hard drive replacement

Thanks for your recommendations. I went ahead and used EZ Gig II as per their recommentations of installing the new HD in the laptop and attaching the old HD to the drive wire device and then booting from the EZ Gig CD and cloning. The  process when smoothly. I was done in less than 1/2 hour. The only issue I found was that some icons are now not appearing in the Windows XP system tray, otherwise everything else appears to be functional. Any thoughts or recomendations as how I would be able to fix this?  

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