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Betreff: T41 ThinkPad Weird Beeps Then No Power

I can refer you to someone who probably has a good deal on a keyboard if you like. I don't know if a T61/T60 keyboard will work or not, but if they will, I have one here I could send you.


Glad it was something so simple.



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Betreff: T41 ThinkPad Weird Beeps Then No Power

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T6* Keyboards don't fit - they have different cable-length and -form as well as different connectors.



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Betreff: T41 ThinkPad Weird Beeps Then No Power

I was able to order a new (not refurb) T41/T42 keyboard fairly reasonably online.  The keyboard itself was only $19...then they charged me $15 for shipping.  Oh well, $34 is still a heck of a lot cheaper than a new laptop.

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Betreff: T41 ThinkPad Weird Beeps Then No Power

For anyone searching the internet and trying to find possible culprits for a beep occurring at a 1-second interval while the OS is running (on a ThinkPad), I believe I have another cause that you could take a look at.
Mine is a T61 ... different model.  I run Windows Xp Pro  ( 32bit aka x86 version ).
I use almost the latest/greatest ThinkVantage Power management software
  ( Power Manager GUI version 5.20  .... Lenovo Power Management Driver version ).
There's a couple of options that you should take a look at, under  " Global Power Settings "
  and then  Advanced Settings for  " Lid Closed "   ( in the Events section of Global Power Settings ).
I'm not sure where else the software provides these options, maybe they're accessible through other avenues.
One option is  "  Beep till the action is completed ".  I don't have this one enabled, at present.
Another option is  " Beep if the specified action fails ".  I have this one enabled, at present.
These two options are in kind of a radio-button relationship, i.e. they're mutually exclusive; choose one, not the other.

One day my T61 was beeping continuously, once per second.
Coincidentally, I could no longer get any applications audio nor Windows sounds to play, and that was unusual.
To continue working, I had to turn my volume control all the way down, or mute it.
If I suspended the system (transition to Standby mode), yes it would go into Standby and the beeping would stop.
But any time the system was awake / running, it would continue beeping.
I played with the SoundMax software, and a variety of other controls.  Couldn't stop it for anything.

I tried running on external power, removing the battery, etc.  BTW  my battery is in very good shape.
I also tested the keyboard (functionally, i.e. press all of the keys in turn) and couldn't find any issue with that component.
Through all of this, I did not want to perform a total shutdown and restart of the system, since I had some work sessions that were ongoing and I didn't want to have to go through all of my work steps once again.

Finally, finally, I was able to make the beeping go away.
I usually don't use Hibernate ... or, suspend to Disk mode ... but I've found recently that this can be a very important technique.  I like Standby ( sleep ) mode.  However, the key advantage of Suspending to disk ( Hibernate ) is that you can actually totally, fully, power off your computer.
I did one cycle of Hibernate.  At certain times ( I think while the system was writing the hibernate file, and/or reading it back ) the beep pattern became clipped, i.e. each beep was abbreviated; but still about once per second.
If I recall correctly, upon resuming I still had the beep pattern continuing.

But what I think finally cleared it up for me, was in a subsequent cycle of Hibernate then resume ( power-on ).
This time, I believe I Hibernated the system, and then removed all sources of power  ( battery and external ).
Then a cold start  ( resume from Hibernate ).
The beeping stopped, and I started to understand that it must have had something to do with the Power Management driver options (features) mentioned above.
Another interesting thing to try would be to make the PM driver reinitialize (or reload) itself, instead.  Is that possible without doing a total restart of Windows ?  I don't know.
Anyway, my point is that there's one more possibility for the cause of infinite continuous beeping, and I think it relates to the power management driver in the running Windows operating system.  Larry