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Blue Screen Again
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T42 Battery Replacement (7800mAh?)

Hello. =)


I owe a T42. I recently bought a replacement battery (off the time, it was the only place where I could find a cheaper battery), and I had a few questions:


1) Is it okay to use a 7.8AH (or 7800mAH), 9-cell battery? The official specifications mentioned a 6.6AH battery...but, is it safe to use a slightly more powerful battery? 


2) Is a 9-cell supposed to be bigger in appearance? It's not easy to put the new battery in...and it sticks out (about 1 inch) from the back.


That's all I wanted to ask for now. Thanks in advance!!

Token Ring
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Re: T42 Battery Replacement (7800mAh?)

You owe a T42? I've never seen a laptop charge someone money before. I know of a T41 that's not doing a good job of begging for upgrades, but other than that...

Anyways, I'm assuming the battery isn't standard IBM issue.
If it was, it will work, no problem (assuming it's a T42 battery).

Otherwise, it should work alright, but just be aware of any issues that might crop up (such as the battery prematurely dying).
It shouldn't blow up your computer, if that's what you're worried about (just give it the once-over before you plug it in)- the battery should, in theory, auto-negotiate with the charger since it's a 'smart' battery. It should (hopefully) show up in the Lenovo Power Manager.

You did mention that it has a good fit- what manufacturer is it from (just out of curiosity)?

Anyways, a 9-cell battery almost always sticks out the back. The ones on the T410/510/X201/others do.
Blue Screen Again
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Re: T42 Battery Replacement (7800mAh?)

[ Edited ]

Whoops, that was a typo!! I meant that I OWN a T42. I was half-sleep when I typed it, so...

The battery does show up on screen...but yeah, I was wondering if it might blow the computer.

So it'll always stick out the back, huh? That's...ugly.


From the look of it...(checks battery)...there's no specific manufacturer for the battery. It was just "made in China" (But, IBM's official batteries come from China too, so..).