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T42 - I/O Headphone output has unreliable stereo output

Hi, All --


The headphone output on my trusty T42-2379DXU is exhibiting glitchy behavior. Plug pushed fully in, the headphone registers only left-side output. Pull it out and reposition a bit, and you can get either right-only or both channels. (Don't know if this qualifies as a short, which I always association with staticky connection, but...whatever.) Tried with different headphones, same results, so it's definitely the output itself.


I don't find anything in the hardware or other manuals or knowledge base that speaks to this problem. But I would assume it could be dealt with by anyone who knows basic audio equipment electronics, either by adjusting (wire?) connection or replacing the output, yes? Is there any point in trying somehow to clean the output with tiny Qtip + alcohol?


All advice appreciated.



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