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Paper Tape
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T42 Thinkpad not recognizing things plugged into USB

I am plugging in my camera (among many other things I have tried) and nothing ever comes up to say it's plugged in. Even if I go to "My Computer" nothing shows up as being connected. It makes the sound that something has been connected, then after that, nothing. Can someone please help me, I have been having this problem for MONTHS, it's driving me crazy, I can't plug in my mouse, keyboard, USBs... nothing. I'd really appreciate it. Thank You!


Oh, if it helps, I erased my hard drive a while back. It's been since then that the USB is acting weird. I thought I had re-downloaded everything I needed. If I'm missing something, I don't have a clue what it is.

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Re: T42 Thinkpad not recognizing things plugged into USB

Welcome to the forum!


Hopefully, this driver will solve your problem:


Please do not disregard the "read me" file on the same page, it will provide you with important instructions on how to unpack these drivers, because downloading them is only the first part of the process.


Hope this helps.



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