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Fanfold Paper
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T42 Window XP Recovery

Good evening everyone. I am trying to restore my T42 to original factory state and would appreciate some help...


The machine is a T42  2373-VAD with XP. I tried to restore to factory state using the blue Access IBM button but found the recovery option is not enabled. The C partition is corrupted but I believe the hidden recovery partition is intact.


I have since reformatted the C partition and reinstalled XP.


Is it possible for me to check if the hidden recovery partition is indeed intact, and if so, is it possible for me to restore the machine to factory default using the information on the recovery partition?


Thanks in advance.

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Re: T42 Window XP Recovery

Check in BIOS under security whether your partition is enabled.


Are you certain it's still there, BTW? 



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Paper Tape
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Re: T42 Window XP Recovery

Are you sure you formatted just the C partition and not the whole drive?  I saw 3 options in BIOS re: the recovery partition along the lines of 1 no access 2 software  and AccessIBM access but hidden from OS and 3 Recover space.


IF you have Partition Magic and the boot version runs off the CD you could pop that in and look at the drive.  Symantec bought them out so now I forget what it's called but it's very handy.

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