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Blue Screen Again
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T42 Wireless disconnects and immediately reconnects when Internet Explorer is launched

Wireless disconnects for 3-4 seconds shortly after launching IE (6 or 7....same results).  Works fine when wired ethernet is used.  Same for battery or A/C power.  Linksys WRT54GS router, with latest firmware.


Had a hard drive failure a month ago, so the initial install (with blue-button routines) is gone. The wireless connection worked fine before that, but something's clearly different with the drivers or settings now.


I'm running XP Pro, although not the one that came with the comp, since it went away with the HD crash.  So I had to go to the lenovo site and download....and individually install all of the damned drivers in order to get ANYTHING to work.


Have downloaded PCDoctor from Lenovo... all hardware checks ok.


Have downloaded latest drivers for Intel PRO/Wireless LAN 2100 3B from Lenovo, and even more recent one from Intel, but no difference.


Everything in device manager shows ok....but uninstalled and reinstalled....but likewise no joy.


Downloaded latest Access Connections s/w from Lenovo, but it's not working takes FOREVER to open (10 minutes or so), and ethernet and wireless buttons are greyed out.  Also the box labeled 'allow the wireless LAN radio to be turned off when inactive' is checked but greyed out so I can't change it to see if that helps.


It's driving me nuts, since most IE pages only get halfway thru loading before the wireless kicks off.....but reconnects a few seconds later.....



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Re: T42 Wireless disconnects and immediately reconnects when Internet Explorer is launched

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FIRST things LAST:

Does this happen with other access points to eliminate a variable in your AP  before you proceed with additional troubleshooting while indicting your NIC instead of a modified AP?


You've also verified inside IE that it isn't supposed to dial a connection and you've also verified inside your Network Connections the WiFi connection is the default connection ?


Does this happen with other browsers,  I'm not going to worthelessy suggest dumping IE since your reasons and preferences are your own and you should be free to use whatever browser you please.


Others should reserve their IE criticisms and terse "Use Firefox" responses for other threads.


Have you uninstalled Access Connections at least temporarily to eliminate the variable.

Have you also tried using netsh to reset your stacks (this is a Microsoft function) and is detailed in KB Article 299357

Does this happen when PowerManager profile is set to full throttle such as Watching Video mode and you've veriifed all power saving features are disabled and this issue occurs while plugged in and on battery ?

Have you checked the WiFi adapter properties under devmgmt.msc / Network Adapters / YourWiFiAdapterHere / Power Management Tab and deselected "allow Computer to turn off device to save power"  ? You don't typically have to reboot after modifying that one, just disabling and reneanbling the adapter should sufficinetly cycle the setting.

Have you used any adapter / device spefigs in the same Device Manager and sometimes the Advanced Tab to reset all of the settings back to their defaults?


Also and if possible to rule out hardware, have you tried with an alternative OS such as Knoppix or compatible booter to eliminate an unlikely but weird Win32 issue ?



Regarding restoring the button, yeah it sucks and just reinstalling the drivers doesn't always restore the ThinkVantage button, they have to be reinstalled in order, and actually executed not just "Update Device" and pointing a new hardware discovery wizard to an INF file.



Not all systems or OS's require firing the actual executables to install PnP drivers and it varies so widely and from OS that a definitive list may not be comprehensive.


But, I can attest to the fact you can run unsupported loads like 2003 Server  and install the drivers in their prescribed order and have the Bluebutton ThinkVantage fucntionality. Some of the MSI's may require modifying since the AppCompatibiliyt Mode has been less successful most times.


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