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T42 crashing

M y thinkpad is crashing all the time.  I took it apart and cleaned out the dust but it still crashes when using the keyboard  either immediately or before i type more that a sentence. The mouse will also crash the system but occasionally I might get on the internet or word and cut, paste.a few sentences or even print a page. The problem started when the DVD player first mal functioned and .would not recognize a movie.  I thought it might have been blu ray.  Can you point me to the module that is creating the problem. 

Thanks Guys

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Re: T42 crashing

Most likely the BGA contacts failing on the graphics chip. Very common on the T41 and early T42s. The T40's were pre-RoHS and suffered less (although some of these failed too due to inherent flexing of the motherboards). IBM fixed this with the last runs of the T42s by epoxying the graphics chip to the motherboards (4 red dots on each edge of the square chip).

Not a lot you can do about it. You can junk it, or you can see if you can get the chip re-soldered ("re-balled") to the motherboard.

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