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Fanfold Paper
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T42 rescue & recovery

Hi all,

I've just purchased my first thinkpad - a refurbished T42. It's nice!

I'm preparing to wipe the whole drive and install linux and decided to make a set of rescue & recovery discs. I used the IBM utility, which created the following:
- 1 disc: ibm rescue & recovery with rapid restore
- 6 discs: ibm product recovery

I decided to test it just for fun and was dismayed, upon pressing "restore factory contents", to be greeted by the following:

The IBM Product Recovery function has been removed from this system.


The BIOS setting for the recovery partition is "Normal" (as opposed to disabled, or password-protected)
...and when I looked at the partition, it looked like a normal FAT32 partition with about 4 gigs of files.

So... what to do? Should I back up the active windows partition (as opposed to the rescue partition) before deleting windows?

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Retired Moderator
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Re: T42 rescue & recovery

It sure wouldn't hurt to backup the IBMTOOLS folder as it has most of the Thinkpad specific stuff in it.
If you boot to the recovery set you made it should wipe the hard drive, re-create the recovery partition and then restore the windows partition from the recovery partition. Then you will have a factory fresh installation. Be sure to backup any personal data before doing this as it will be lost after the procedure is complete.
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Re: T42 rescue & recovery

I think the key thing with backups is not to trust anybody.  Backup at least 2 independant ways - Maybe ghost to DVD and factory backup and file copy - thats 3.
I think I struck this problem once.  The backup partition has to be on the hard drive and in the right partition - maybe the first primary partition or second primary - I forget.
You are best to ghost that partition separately too.
If you have your XP code you can always build it from scratch by downloading all the drivers.  Takes me about a day to build up a system like this though.
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Fanfold Paper
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Re: T42 rescue & recovery

Hi !


I have similar problem.


The recovery process not able to terminate correctly.


What is the model number writed under the machine?


What is the serial number you see under the body?


In the BIOS, what you see about that?  Are is identical?


I expect the clerk a the phone don't give to me the good FRU number.


Also what identification appear on the bottom right of the body computer screen?


It's for Windows XP Pro french - What is the FRU numbers on the disk.  Mine is 19R9157 on the 1 of 1 Rescue and Recovery disk and 24R7686 on a set of 7 disk (7684 english version)?


This information would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks in advance.


Mike Rome

Quebec Canada



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