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T42p Hard drive upgrade problem

Hi Guys,


I'm wondering if anyone can help me with an issue I'm having.


My T42p 2373 was giving sectors errors on the original 60GB HD that came with the unit, so I decided to upgrade. I got new 160GB Samsung HD, and new battery, and a memory upgrade of 1GB.


I installed the RAM, and the new HD. But the machine doesn't seem to pickup the HD.  Even when I put back in the old one it still does not pick it up. When I boot the machine I get a 'operating system not found' error. When I boot from an XP OS cd it tells me no harddisk has been detected. I'm begining to suspect the motherboard has a problem.


Any ideas?



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Re: T42p Hard drive upgrade problem

Have you changed any settings in the bios?  


Also make sure your installing the harddrive properly and the plug is fully seated in the connector. I think it's more likely something is assembled wrong then for the board to suddenly fail. 


Also, for future referrence, it's probably best to replace one part at a time when doing upgrades like this, confirm the new part works, then install the next. This makes it easier to figure out the problem if something doesn't work.

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Re: T42p Hard drive upgrade problem

You have to:

  •  fix the cage with all four screws
  •  take care that the connectors do NOT show to the HDD-cover
  •  stand the notebook with opened display on its end
  •  insert the HDD vertically into the laptop

Then the HDD should be recognized at next boot

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