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Paper Tape
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T43 2668-42U - Hard Drive Controller Problem.

During the shut down procedure to apply the latest round of Win-XP updates, it appeared that the hard drive crashed. When I attempted to reboot the PC all I received was a black screen. The battery led and the ‘Z within the circle’ led would light but the hard drive led did not. I tried rebooting multiple times, depressing both the ‘Fn & F1’ keys and the Blue ‘AccessIBM’ buttons with no change. I removed the hard drive and inserted the hard drive from a functioning T43 (#2) with the same results. I then inserted the original hard drive (#1) into the second T43 and tried booting it up. It came up with a recovery process for the hard drive. Since I did not want to alter the information on the hard drive (#1) I chose to exit the recovery process. I replaced hard drive (#2) back into the T43 (#2) to preserve it. I inserted hard drive (#1) into an external IDE toUSBenclosure. I connected this to an HP-DV7 PC runningWIN-7 Home and was successful in accessing and copying all of the data I had on the hard drive (#1).  The hard drive continues to function with no problem in the external case. Based upon the results above I am assuming that the controller for the hard drive on the T43 is bad. I have been unsuccessful in identifying where on the motherboard the hard drive controller is. Can anyone help me identify the  location of it and is it easily replaceable as I now have three T43’s with this same problem and would like to repair them.

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Re: T43 2668-42U - Hard Drive Controller Problem.

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Hi Bud3100,


I can't help you with the controller replacement, but it's likely to be a real challenge.


Your collection of T43s with bad controllers seems like a strange coincidence.


Have you tried a BIOS reset to defaults, pulled the CMOS battery, that kind of thing?



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Re: T43 2668-42U - Hard Drive Controller Problem.

Just another thought to add to the list, are you attaching the metal caddy to the drives before inseting them into the main hard drive slot, if not please do so and let us know if you then see the drives.  The caddy seems to have been the key in a lot of similar situations also to be found in these forums.



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Re: T43 2668-42U - Hard Drive Controller Problem.

A couple of things here:


a) Follow Andy's advice on caddy/screws. etc.


b) If that doesn't yield results, run HD diagnostics on the drive while in external enclosure.


c) Should "b" return with no errors, your T43 likely suffers from a common problem known as SouthBridge chip detachment.


Good luck.



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Paper Tape
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Re: T43 2668-42U - Hard Drive Controller Problem.

Response to Z.

Collection of T43’s is due to old employer giving “outdated” T2x and T4x PC’s when they upgraded to T6x PC’s.

I cannot reset the BIOS as nothing happens when I try to Boot up the PC, No screens at all.

I removed theCMOSbattery as suggested, tried booting up normal, retried pressing the ‘AccessIBM’ button and retried pressing ‘Fn & F1’ keys. In all cases the hard drive never spun nor did the hard drive LED light up.


Response to Andy.

All of the notebook hard drives I have tried have the correct shielding on them. Same basic response as I gave to Z.


Response to George.

Performed A as suggested, followed by B using a T41 with PC Doctor on it. Drive tested perfectly fine.

I looked through the other problems and on02/15/12, ‘Tetsujidane’ submitted a problem described as ‘T43 will not move past first screen’. I tried your suggestion about pressing lightly on the ‘SouthBridge’ chip to no avail.


Based upon the above steps taken I have to assume that the problem is the total failure of the ‘SouthBridge’ chip which if I interpret correctly, controls the hard drive.


You recommended a web site called ‘’ which I will investigate as I much more prefer to use the T43’s andWIN-XP than my newer HP DV-7 withWIN-7 Home. Thanks to all for your input.

Paper Tape
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Re: T43 2668-42U - Hard Drive Controller Problem.

Please see my reply to the first person who responded.