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Paper Tape
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T43 Access Connections XP SP3 trouble

I have seen this posted around the net quite a bit, but as of yet nothing has worked for me. I can't seem to get Access Connections to work with my wifi card after rebuilding my laptop with an XP SP3 integrated installation. Unlike some other posters, I used the official Microsoft download of XP with SP3 from the Volume Licensing site rather than slipstreaming it myself.
The only suggestion I have seen specific to XP and not Vista is to enable and set to automatic the "extensibile authentication protocol" and "network access protection agent" services, as well as make sure that the "wireless zero configuration" service is operating. I enabled the two suggested services and WCZ was working, but still Access Connections refuses to believe that the wireless radio is turned on, let alone do anything about it.
Are there any other potential fixes for this problem?
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Re: T43 Access Connections XP SP3 trouble

Hi! Welcome to the forums!

I've read elsewhere that SP3 offers a brand new set of problems/issues for various users, particularly when it comes to  networking  hardware and software.

I myself am running XP SP3 (slipstreamed from SP2) and cannot get AC to work nicely with SP3. My fix, rather simple one, was to uninstall AC completely and use Intel's wifi manager for my 4965 AGN card. Wifi works like a Swiss clock now, never any issue connecting or finding my AP's.

Only thing to keep in mind is to install the wifi drivers provided by Lenovo first and then only install Intel's wifi manager, otherwise you'll lose the Fn-F5 functionality.

Probably not the answer you sought, but at least you'll have a nicely configured wifi manager to get you by as an alternative to AC.

Hope this helps
Paper Tape
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Re: T43 Access Connections XP SP3 trouble

To be honest I haven't ever played with Intel's manager. I just like AC because it's a nice unified way to switch in and out of wired and wireless modes while maintaining connectivity fairly elegantly. Of course before using AC I have done everything manually for years, but I've just gotten somewhat used to it.
I may have to check Intel's manager. I have a hard time tolerating the extremely basic Windows manager.
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Re: T43 Access Connections XP SP3 trouble

I updated my T43 to SP3 two weeks ago. The only issue I have had was with Java for a particular web site I have to use on a daily basis, this was fixed with an update.
Basically I let Windows Update install SP3 and after it had completed I went wireless online and ran TV System Update which updated Power Management etc. and Access Connections, no issues to report.
I would suggest uninstalling the WLAN card and AC followed by a new start. Install the latest WLAN driver and after re-starting install the latest AC followed by, if required the HotKey driver.



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