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Paper Tape
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T43 HDD problems, blinking cursor etc.

Hello everyone,


I have a T43 from of mine and his HDD died a couple of days ago. So she decided to buy a new HDD. A Samsung HMC160HC. I updated the BIOS to 1.29 and it continues on the 2010 error. But as soon as you put in that harddrive it won't boot anything or real slow (it won't boot Ubuntu 11.10, but it will boot Windows XP cd very slow). It will just show you a blinking cursor the whole time, and after 15 minutes a black screen.


When I put in a Seagate Momentus 5400.3 120GB it will boot way faster and won't have the blinking error problems (or very short).


Can anyone explain to me what is happening because I see everyone with 2010 errors, but they can still install and use their OS.


Thank you in Advance!

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Re: T43 HDD problems, blinking cursor etc.

Welcome to the forum!


My guess would be that the Samsung drive is defective.


Run a diagnostics test on it, and it will likely fail.


Return it for a refund.


Good luck.



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Re: T43 HDD problems, blinking cursor etc.

After BIOS update the BIOS needs to be initialized:

  • go in BIOS
  • Press F9 - load defaults
  • Press F10 - yes
  • turn off computer and restart it after a few seconds
  • If it does not help, detach the BIOS battery for a few minutes



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