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What's DOS?
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T43 display is blank at power up

I have read a few threads about this problem, and I think it is probably the switch that is depressed when the unit is closed. I cannot tell from the threads I have read whether replacing the display (or perhaps the entire top half of the laptop) will give me a new switch or new connections that are opened/closed by the little plastic thingy that gets depressed when the machine is closed.  Any suggestions or information about the switch problem, or suggestions that I'm not on the right track? (I am writing this on the T30 I handed off to my wife. It has gotten very, very slow, but I prefer the keyboard feel to that of the T43.)

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Re: T43 display is blank at power up

Welcome to the forum!

The switch itself is located on the lower portion of the computer, and many a times swapping the keyboard bezel will resolve the problem.

Having said that, have you actually fiddled around with the switch, using a toothpick or a pen to see whether it really gets stuck and unstuck? What's the 7-character model number of that T43? How do you get the screen back on, if at all?

Good luck and let us know.



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