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Re: T43 - new hard drive

sysbox27 wrote:

However getting back to compatible hard drives, do you know if the following would be compatible as the primary boot drive:


Lenovo ThinkPa hard drive 160GB internal 2.5" SATA-150 5400rpm buffer8MB.

The main bay on a T43 requires a PATA (Parallel ATA) drive.  SATA won't plug in.


It is a little (or a lot) confusing since the T43 chipset expects a SATA drive (IIRC) but uses additional logic to convert that interface to a PATA connection for the actual  hard drive.  That's where the Lenovo-blessed drives come in.  There is somethig about that conversion that requires certain capabilities (or suppression of capabilities) in the drive.  Hence the model/firmware test in BIOS.



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Re: T43 - new hard drive

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Hi Ronen,


I have the same issue with T43p and WD1600 Scorpio.


can you contact me at xxxxxxxxx








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