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T43 reinstall from disk partition

I was given an old T43 to try to resurrect for playing OLD games (speed, security no issue here so I don't care that it was shipped with XP Pro).  The machine boots OK, has old BIOS which I guess I could upgrade (see programs in the download support area for that).  But it has NO bootable OS.   I did notice there's that "hidden" partition where I'm guessing the original copy of the OS was stored.  My wife has a much later lenovo and when you turn it on, it gives a menu to reinstall the OS and am guessing the OS image is stored in that partition just like it probably is on this machine.


Is there some program to reinstall the original boot manager of the device that lets you reinstall the OS from that partition?    Lenovo no longer supports XP (as microsoft doesn't) and from what I found no longer even sells the install CD's/DVD's for it.     I don't even know what the program would be called to see if I can find it on the download list.   I'm NOT looking for XP per say, but a way to reenable/reinstall the orignal "boot manager" that can access that partition.


I know I could probably find an old XP installer on ebay, but I'm guessing if I can reenable that boot manager program, it's already there waiting to be reinstalled.  Yeah, maybe need to install a service pack if I cared, but probably don't for what it would be used for...



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Re: T43 reinstall from disk partition

Hi Jeff,


I'm currently a long way from my T43, hopefully I don't miss anything.  If you can see the hidden partition under Windows you will need to hide it from Windows; it being visible in Windows means that it is disabled.


Go into BIOS -> Security -> IBM Predesktop Area - set this to Normal.




Links to BIOS Simulators for T43 18xx systems and for T43 26xx systems.


Also ensure that the boot device list in the Startup menu is set to Enabled.


To access the recovery mode; cold start the system and when you see the BIOS splash screen start tapping away at the F11 button, hopefully this will then enable you to recover the system.


If that doesn't work attempting to repair the boot sector is an option using the Rescue and Recovery - Recovery repair media tool.


Good luck and please do let us know how you get on.




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