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T43 speed problems

I have a T43 2668 from December 2005. It's old but otherwise running well (replaced fan recently). The thing is it's running slow. Slow to start up, switching between programs/tabs in browser, even when I type the words in Google or Word they appear in slow motion. Often a reboot will help if I've been just putting it to sleep.


Aside from removing unused programs, clearing my internet history and cookies (will this delete all my saved passwords btw?), and running Spyware, what would I need to do to get to speed it up? It has 70 GB (about 4 GB free) and 1.024 GB RAM (came with 512 MB and I doubled it).


I'd love to keep using the laptop instead of buying a new one!



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Betreff: T43 speed problems

Free space on the hard disk. For "good working" you'll need approx. 20% free space.

Also check the HDD health (scandisk) and the SMART values for example with Crystal Disk Info or AIDA32

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Betreff: T43 speed problems

A new hard drive would likely help as well, as would maxing the RAM at 2GB.


These machines are still perfectly capable of being daily drivers for most users with average needs.


Good luck.



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Blue Screen Again
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Re: T43 speed problems

You might have some viruses try Norton will help you
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